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Bosou Sabah

Bosou is a fermented traditional food of the Kadazandusun people in North Borneo, Sabah. It is one of the signature dish for KadazanDusun people. Bosou also known as 'Nonsom' in different Sabah dialect. For the Dusun community in Ranau district, Sabah;  Bosou is called  'Tinamba'

The Bosou taste is a bit sour and salty; and the smell is quite pungent. For a first timer, the smell might be a distasteful to your nostril to not even try it.  But once you taste it, it might become one of your most favourite dish from Sabah. 

Bosou is usually served as a side dish with the steamed white rice. According to the Kadazandusun elders, in the olden days, the idea of making Bosou is to make their food resources last longer. 

There are various type of Bosou such as Bosou Ikan (fresh water fish), Bosou Udang (prawn), Bosou Nangka (jackfruit), Bosou Betik (papaya), Bosou Sayur Campur (mix vegetables), Bosou Rebung (bamboo shoots), Bosou Batang Pisang (banana trunk) and Bosou Pucuk Ubi (cassava leaves). 

The crucial ingredients in making Bosou are cooked rice, salt, Pangi fruit, vegetables or fish (depending on personal preference). Normally, the Sabahan uses the freshwater fish if they want to make the Bosou Ikan.

Methods of making a Bosou:
1) First, clean the fish or vegetables (depends on what type of bosou you want to make). 

2) Secondly, pound the Pangi fruit until it becomes powdery. Put together the cooked rice and fish or vegetables in a bowl and mix it well. 

3) Lastly, soak the Pangi powder and salt until all of the ingredients blended together. It need to be leave fermented for at least 2 weeks before it can be consume.

Bosou could be eaten just like that after it is fully fermented. 

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