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Diinspirasikan daripada corak Linangkit.

Untuk menghasilkan Linangkit, memerlukan masa berbulan-bulan untuk menyelesaikan satu bahagian linangkit, dengan simpulan kecilnya. Kemahiran ini memerlukan penglihatan yang baik atau cermin mata yang baik dan cahaya yang mencukupi untuk menghasilkan linangkit.


You can order any casing with the design shown however the availability of your casing is subject to our stock. Please be reminded that the finish design may be slightly differ from the illustration due to the casing size differences.

The casing material is either polycarbonate (PC) or TPU, subject to availability; and the printed area is made of aluminium. 

PRE-ORDER NOW! (2-3 Weeks)
ONLY Available for “Pre-Order”
RM55/2 pcs
RM100/4 pcs

Available CASING model:
All iPhone 6 and above
Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite

How to Place your Order?
1. Choose your desired design.
2. At the Check-Out page, state your handphone model at the 'Remarks' section or at the 'Do you have any message for us?'
3. Please do not make any payment yet. We will contact you to inform the casing availability.
4. Payment is to be done once we verify the casing stock.
5. Please allow between 10 - 20 days for your casing to be delivered.

bChanteek Casing by Chanteek Borneo.
"Nampak corak Sabah, ingat Chanteek Borneo"
Design and printed by Chanteek Borneo.